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Status: Well established website for sale. Steady traffic. All visitors are from organic search traffic.

Owner of the website and the domain: Art Work Design Kft. (EU, Hungary)

Started: 2006


30 Days: 32300

60 Days: 63300

90 Days: 96200

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30 Days: 89400

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90 Days: 279000


Japancalligraphy.eu was founded in 2006. Website is about art of Japanese calligraphy. Shodo Japanese calligraphy gallery: hieroglyphs kanji, poetry kana. Sumi-e ink painting gallery.

This website contains online Store for Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi-e. Shipping is worldwide.

Customer orders calligraphy via website from any country of world, customer pays advance by credit card or PayPal account via PayPal, then master writes the calligraphy and sends it by post to customer to any country.

A new owner may modify the site and use the popular domain japancalligraphy.eu and a high number of visitors, according to their own goals: Gallery of Oriental Art, Oriental Painting, Calligraphy Studio, Oriental Art Supply, Online Shop, Travel Agency Website, Online Selling of Japanese goods, etc.

This website may be interesting for:

1) Those, which write Japanese calligraphy and would like to sell the calligraphy via internet. After purchase of this website they will sell their own calligraphies.

2) Those, who sell supplement for Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi-e (paper, ink, brushes, etc.) or other Japanese arts and crafts.

3) Those, which makes business in internet.

The website has very large attendance, and it will be interesting for persons and companies, mentioned above. After purchase of this website they will sell their own products or services. The site has a very good position in the search engines. The site japancalligraphy.eu is on the first places in Google’s search results search for "Japanese Calligraphy" in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. Therefore, all traffic on the website is organic; visitors come from search engines, without advertising.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

Asking price

The price of the website, domain japancalligraphy.eu and content of the website, with Facebook (more than 800 likes), Twitter and Youtube accounts is 50 000 EUR.

The price of the website, domain japancalligraphy.eu, content of the website, with Facebook (more than 800 likes), Twitter, Youtube accounts and one original of all published on website artwork (Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e) is 57 000 EUR.

Statistics for japancalligraphy.eu

Statistics for japancalligraphy.eu


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